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From the Secretary - Patricia Foley
Fall - 2016

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I'm spending an exciting Saturday afternoon in August updating our CSNS membership records. While that may sound like a rather dull task, it actually isn't. Scrolling through the membership list to update dues records and enter address changes brings to mind an increasing number of memories from interactions with the myriad of you who are members that I've actually met. I recall our convention chairman, who doubles as my father, telling me a story about how the late Ray Lefman, namesake of our Medal of Merit, made some remarks at our Anniversary Convention banquet in Dearborn in the late 1970s about how much CSNS and the friendships he'd formed through his membership in our organization meant to him and how much they'd enriched his life. The longer I serve our membership and the more of you I actually meet in person in the course of my responsibilities, the more I come to appreciate what Ray was talking about and the more I wish I could have known him.

One person I'm especially thankful that I was able to meet was Chet Krause, the founder of Krause Publications, who passed away late in June. While I was unable to attend his memorial service, held in the high school gymnasium in Iola, our convention chairman did and remarked to me how impressed he was that in a town of roughly 1,300 inhabitants about 750 people were present for the services. While I met and interacted with Mr. Krause only a few times, he promptly advised me to just call him Chet during our first encounter. I found him to be a gracious and kind person. In thinking about what his life meant, I've thought about how he changed the lives of so many other people. He basically started his first collecting journalism venture, Krause Publications, on the kitchen table in the house that he grew up in. In time, it grew into a company that over the years employed hundreds. Think for a moment of the impact that had on not only the lives of the people who were part of his business at one time or another, but of the entire community where he grew up and spent most of his life -- the homes purchased, the children educated and sent to college and a host of other positive things that happened in the lives of others because of the vision of this one man. What a remarkable life he led. I know that he will be missed by all who knew him and be long remembered as the humble and decent human being that he was.

I recognized long ago that introversion and shyness are endowments that many of the members of the numismatic fraternity are well endowed with. One of the reasons I have a dedicated bourse chairman's booth at our Anniversary Convention is that I genuinely enjoy meeting our members and hearing about your life experiences, whether about numismatics or other aspects of your lives that are meaningful to you. So, do overcome your sense of reserve and stop at my bourse chairman's booth next April to let me know what is on your mind. I very much enjoy talking with our members and receiving your feedback about our event; but even more I enjoy the intellectual stimulation of hearing about whatever it is that you have on your mind about things that matter to you.

What I was initially quite surprised about in the world of numismatics is the incredibly diverse backgrounds of our participants. Amongst our dealer ranks we have recovering attorneys, podiatrists, PhDs in chemistry, retired dentists, former career military people, retired teachers and college professors. In fact, there really is an almost unbelievable number of backgrounds one can find behind our bourse tables and an even larger variety in our hobbyist attendees.

It is no secret that one of the things CSNS does at a really high level is our educational exhibit area, where our convention goers mount incredibly professional educational displays of museum quality, both from the standpoint of the material involved and of the accompanying research presented. One of our exhibitors remarked to me last year that he considers CSNS to be the major leagues of educational exhibiting. Having spent some time over the last week watching the Olympics on television, I'd actually say that we really are more like the Olympics of the world of numismatic exhibiting. We really do set the standard in this area. No, that's not being boastful, just honest. If you think you are ready for either big league or Olympic level competition as an exhibitor, do get in touch with Exhibit Chairman Jack Huggins. His e-mail is hug511@aol.com. He'll be glad to send you an application. Warning, however. The competition is quite intense and if your efforts are successful in being recognized for one of our awards, you'll enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you've really done it right.

I've mentioned before the importance to CSNS of staying at our host hotel, the Schaumburg Renaissance. In order to have our convention there and at the adjoining convention center at all, we need to give the hotel a substantial room production guaranty. If we fall short, there are significant financial penalties that we will potentially incur.

Please do your own part to support your convention and help ensure its financial viability by making your lodging choice the Renaissance. Call the hotel at 847-303-4100. Mention "Central State Numismatic 2017" to secure our discounted $157 rate. If you have any problems, call Convention Chairman Kevin Foley at 414-807-0116 and he'll assist you in resolving any reservations issues with the hotel. You'll also be safer at the Renaissance. There are people who are quite professional at preying on numismatic attendees. I personally wouldn't want to take the risk of being followed back from our bourse area to a remote and less secure place in order to save a few dollars on my lodging and am glad to be staying at the Renaissance, which conducts 24 hour security patrols of its parking lot.

I'm looking forward to seeing many of you again next April, or perhaps at another numismatic event prior to that. Please don't be shy about coming over to our CSNS booth and introducing yourself if we haven't met before.

Patricia Foley - Secretary
Central States Numismatic Society
P.O. Box 210710
Milwaukee, WI 53221


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