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Part 14, 1968 - 1970

Soft Bouond History of Central States Numismatic Society by W. Ray Lockwood

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by W.Ray Lockwood
As published in The Centinel Summer 2006 Vol54

The 1968 Central States convention was held April 19-21 on the fourth and fifth floors of the Sheraton-Cadillac Hotel in Detroit. Co-chairmen were Daniel Parker and CSNS vice president Ben Stocker. Stocker handled bourse applications and Parker was in charge of exhibits. These men were excellent marketeers and promised an outstanding convention.

For the first time in several years, a PNG Day was held on the day before the convention opened to the general public. Charles Hoskins, director of the Detroit Money Museum, led an educational forum on Friday evening. Following the forum, the 1966-68 CSNS officers held their final board meeting. The bourse and exhibit areas remained open until 10 p.m.

Obverse 1961 CSNS medal  1961 CSNS Medal reverse

1961 - Minneapolis: The familiar skylines of St. Paul and Minneapolis were the dominant features of the 19th anniversary convention medal and badge.

The Society's annual general membership meeting was held at 10 a.m. on Saturday during which the new officers for 1968-1970 were introduced: President Ben Stocker of Detroit; First Vice President George D. Hatie of Michigan; Second Vice President Ray O. Lefman of Kansas City; Secretary/Treasurer F. Stevens Epps of Michigan. Governors introduced were C. A. M. Smith (MI), Richard E. Peterson (IL), August F. Hausske (IL), Erwin C. Gerber (WI), Don W. Jensen (IA), Philip L. Budd (IA), David L. Cooper (MO), Ray M. Janda (MO), James B. Shirey (IN), Clifford Lindall (IN), Ralph D. Hardman, Jr. (KS), Sol Kaplan (OH), and John J. Gabarron (NE).

1995 - Milwaukee:  As the awards banquet ended, CSNS President Kevin Foley and his wife, Rhoda (center) had time to visit with family and friends. At the right is Sophie Brink, and at the table doing what girls do are Pam Ganz, and Andrea and Patricia Foley.

1995 - Milwaukee: As the awards banquet ended, CSNS President Kevin Foley and his wife, Rhoda (center) had time to visit with family and friends. At the right is Sophie Brink, and at the table doing what girls do are Pam Ganz, and Andrea and Patricia Foley.

The Michigan Token & Medal Society and the Paper Money Club of Michigan held meetings during the 1968 convention. The annual awards banquet was held at 9 p.m. on Saturday.

Central States celebrated its 30th birthday in 1969 with a return to its birthplace, Chicago, May 2-4. The celebration was tempered by a sobering editorial in the January, 1969, issue of The Centinel, written by Editor Howard B. Eisenberg. He noted the organization's lack of growth and vitality and laid the blame at the feet of the governors. He listed problems such as poor attendance at the semi-annual board meeting, "do-nothingness," lack of responsibility, hesitancy to act, committees that failed to function, and cliques. Eisenberg went on to suggest eight structural changes to improve the organization.

The Chicago Coin Club which hosted the 1969 Central States convention celebrated its 50th anniversary at the same time. Interestingly enough, the same Howard Eisenberg who wrote the scathing editorial served as general chairman. The convention was held in the Sheraton-Chicago Hotel and featured two types of registration: Paid ($1.00) which included a commemorative token, souvenir badge, souvenir program, auction catalog and entrance to the hospitality room; Free which included only a paper stick-on name badge. The hospitality room was sponsored by The Franklin Mint. Rare Coin Company of America, Chicago, held a two-day auction featuring the choice U.S. coins of CSNS board member August F. Hausske.

1969 Chicago Coin Club Medal

1969 - Chicago: The golden anniversary of the founding of the Chicago Coin Club was marked with the issuance of a handsome 2-1/4" medal designed and sculpted by Elgin artist Trygve Rovelstad, best known to collectors for the 1936 Elgin commemorative half dollar and the Pioneer Memorial that now stands on the banks of the Fox River in downtown Elgin, Illinois.

Sixty-five dealers were present in the sold-out bourse. Ladies enjoyed a luncheon and cooking demonstration, and the Saturday night banquet was emceed by Lee F. Hewitt, CSNS Honorary President. The major convention education program was a panel of distinguished numismatists discussing the topic: "Numismatics as Part of a College Curriculum: Fact or Fiction." Panelists were William Pettit, Dr. and Mrs. Vladimir Clain-Stefanelli and Alan Feinberg.

Note: Shortly after the conclusion of the 1969 convention, the outspoken Centinel editor, Howard Eisenberg, resigned. He was replaced by Betty K. Ebert, editor of the Old Fort Coin Club's Coin Chatter in Fort Wayne, IN. But after producing three issues of The Centinel, Miss Ebert was forced to resign due to advanced lung cancer. Sadly, she passed away August 18, 1970.

1970 began with an increase of membership dues: from $2 to $3, and life memberships from $40 to $60.

This was also an election year with a contest for the presidency on the ballot. George Hatie, a corporate lawyer from Grosse Point Park, MI, ran against Sol Kaplan, well-known Cincinnati coin dealer and an organizer of the Professional Numismatist Guild. Only eight candidates were on the ballot to fill the thirteen available positions. Mr. Hatie won the presidency with a vote of 257 to 177. Unopposed were David L. Cooper of Missouri for vice president, and F. S. Epps from Homer, MI, for secretary-treasurer. Elected as governors were: Philip L. Budd (IA), Ralph D. Hardman, Jr. (KS), Oliver W. Horton (IL), Ray O. Lefman (MO), Daniel C. Parker (MI), William Pettit (IL), Cy A. Pherson (ND), and C. A. M. Smith (MI).

Following the tragic death of The Centinel editor, Betty Ebert, Secretary Epps chose a personal friend and fellow physician, Frank J. Chase of Tekonsha, MI, to be the next editor.

1970's convention took place in the Pick-Carter Hotel in Cleveland. A special feature of the convention was a three-session auction by Paramount International Coin Corporation. A PNG Day preceded the CSNS event on Thursday, May 21. All convention activities except the membership meeting and banquet were held on the mezzanine floor.

Newly elected president, George Hatie made several important decisions at the board meeting following the convention: 1. The appointment of a committee to revise the convention manual and add emphasis to the oversight role of CSNS officers for the work of host clubs; 2. The establishment of a CSNS 'speakers bureau' and 'exhibit judges roster;' 3. A review of the by-laws related to expulsion of members involved in criminal charges; and 4. A review of the Medal of Merit Award gudelines.

Medals of Merit were awarded at the convention to terminally ill Betty Ebert and to Max L. Kaplan.

Future conventions were awarded to St. Louis for 1971 and to Milwaukee for 1972.


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