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The Thirteen States Of Central States - A New Medal Series

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Anyone who has studied the famous Central States oval logo will instantly recognize the thirteen states that make up the Central States region. These states were chosen or invited to be part of a new numismatic organization formed in 1939. The thirteen states have remained together for the entire history of Central States. Suggestions and some attempts have been made over the past 78 years to add states to the Central States area. Prime "suspects" have been Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Arkansas. In each case these states were considered to be either too far South or too far East to be called "central" states.

In commemoration of the thirteen states the silver convention medals for the next thirteen years will feature the official state seal of each state. They will be issued in the order each state joined the Union. Here is the list of states in order of issue: Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.

100 silver convention medals are produced each year for sale and distribution at the annual convention. Medals are given to each exhibitor and CSNS Board member and convention staff. Remaining medals are sold at the Central States convention booth. The medal price varies from year to year based on the cost of production including silver prices.

This series of Central States state seal convention medals should prove to be a popular collectible in the years ahead. Just for the record, the medal series will end in the year 2029. Look for the Kentucky medal at our next convention in Schaumburg, IL - April 26-29, 2017.


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