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Kevin Foley

CSNS Convention Chairman Kevin Foley

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Convention Chairman's
Fall 2016 - Message

I'm writing this on the last day of the American Numismatic Association Convention, which I attended as part of the marketing effort for our own 78th Anniversary Convention in Schaumburg. I'll leave any assessment and conclusions about the state of the commercial numismatic market based on the ANA event to the pundits who are generally focused on such matters.

From my own perspective, it was certainly uplifting to hear from the bourse dealers in Anaheim numerous positive comments about our own convention and interact with them to receive their feedback about what they liked (quite a bit) and didn't (hardly anything) about the CSNS anniversary conventions. Our bourse booth sales as of Aug. 13 have now topped 220 and the bourse area portion of our convention is now just over 75 percent sold. Not bad, considering that our convention is still eight months away.

The numismatic marketplace is in a somewhat subdued phase (How's that for diplomacy?) and I have to feel pretty good that we are doing so well in the face of a less than volcanic marketplace. Unlike many shows that are shrinking, ours is actually growing; and we've reached the practical capacity of our Schaumburg exhibit hall.

In looking ahead to the 78th Anniversary Convention, one thing I'm proudest of is our educational offerings. Our Numismatic Education Forum will consist of six presentations over two days.

Friday, April 28 will hear Robert Campbell on All About Morgan Dollars; Andrew Kimmel on Artificial vs. Natural Toning and Peter Huntoon on A Pathway to Building a World Class National Bank Note Collection.

The forum will continue on Saturday with Cindy Wibker on An Exonumia Overview; Robert Fritsch on Exploring the Wonderful World of Tokens and Medals and Ray Lockwood on All You Ever Wanted to Know About Polymer Notes. Ray also serves as our education director and can take justifiable pride in the quality of the presentations he's arranged for. But wait! That's not all!

We'll also have a two day Paper Money Grading Seminar on Tuesday and Wednesday conducted by Glen Jorde of Lake Region Coin and Currency. Glen is a past governor of CSNS, as well as a past officer of the Professional Currency Dealers Association and is widely respected in the rare currency collecting community. There is a registration fee of $100 for his program for CSNS members and $125 for non-members. Advance reservations are required due to rather limited seating. Contact Ray Lockwood at sunrayofmarion@aol.com for more specific enrollment information.

One of the life enriching experiences that comes from in-person attendance at a numismatic - or any other convention - is the opportunity to be exposed to new knowledge, which sometimes comes from rather unexpected sources and leads in unanticipated directions. I did have such an experience in Anaheim and want to share it with all of you. One of the booth holders I encountered there was Will Fragner, a California coin and currency dealer I hadn't seen for at least five years. As I became reacquainted with Will, I noticed in his case a picture of a little girl wearing riding gear and standing atop the saddle of a horse with an English saddle.

To say that she was beautiful would not do her justice. Will explained that she was a 29 week baby and was the inspiration for him and his wife to found a charity known as the Children's Cerebral Palsy Movement. Immersed as I was at the moment in a world of materialism, I was reminded that there are some things that really matter in life and that I had just encountered one of them. So, let me make a suggestion. The next time you get the urge to go out and buy a $50 steak for yourself, eat at home instead and send the $50 to Children's Cerebral Palsy Movement, P.O. Box 81000, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688. I suspect that such an expenditure will give more lasting satisfaction than the steak. And ... if you believe in salvation through good works, it might just work to your own personal and rather long-term benefit. Even if you don't, do it anyway. You'll feel better about yourself and life in general.


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