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BY-LAWS (Rev. September 12, 2015)




Section 1

The fiscal year of this society shall be July 1st to June 30th.



Section 1

The society shall have the following classes of membership: regular members, associate members, life members, and junior members. Regular and associate members are the same, except the associate member does not receive The Centinel.

Section 2

Regular members, associate members, and junior members shall be carried on the roster on a yearly basis of January 1 to Dec. 31.

Section 3

Applications for membership in each class shall be made on a form prescribed by the Board

Section 4

Duly organized clubs shall be eligible for regular membership and life membership.

Section 5

Business firms shall not be eligible for membership as such, but individual members of business firms may become members if they meet the requirements of these by-laws.

Section 6

Dues shall be set by vote of the governing board.

Section 7

Membership applications, together with the proper amount of dues, shall be sent to the secretary, who shall cause a notice of the name of each applicant to be published in The Centinel. If no written objection to an applicant's admission is received by the secretary by the 20th day of the calendar month succeeding the calendar month in which such an issue is transmitted to the members, the applicant shall be deemed admitted to membership. If such written objection is received by the secretary, he or she shall advise the applicant in writing of the nature of the objection and request an answer thereto. The secretary shall refer the applicant's answer, if any, together with any other available information relating thereto, to the governing board for consideration and action. The governing board may either accept or reject such application, in which event the secretary shall notify the applicant of the board's decision. In the event of rejection, the applicant's dues payment shall be refunded. Each applicant for membership shall be entitled to the proper form of membership card signed by both the president and secretary.

Section 8

Membership dues shall be payable in advance. The secretary shall send a dues notice no later than Nov. 15 to those members who have not paid their dues for the current year. Second dues notices shall be mailed promptly following March 1. The Secretary, following the anniversary convention, shall purge the roster of individuals and clubs whose dues are not current.

Section 9

The secretary may reinstate any member expelled from membership for non-payment of dues after investigating and approving such member's conduct prior to reinstatement and upon receipt from said member of the current year's dues. A new membership number shall be assigned to such member. Such member at his option shall be entitled to his former membership number upon paying all of his unpaid dues for the period prior to his reinstatement. If such current year's dues are paid between January 1st and the last day of February of any year, they shall be considered as full payment of dues for the period ending February 28th of the following year. Resignations in writing by members in good standing may be accepted by the secretary.

Section 10

Any member violating any provision of the constitution and by-laws of the society, committing any unfair or unethical act in his dealings with others, unjustly defaming the character of any other member, interfering with activities of the society, being found guilty of committing a criminal offense, engaging in conduct unbecoming to a member or engaging in conduct prejudicial to the welfare to the society shall be subject to expulsion or other disciplinary action as hereinafter provided. Proceedings for such expulsion or other disciplinary action shall be initiated by written charges signed by the person making them. Such charges, with particulars thereof, shall be filed with the secretary, who shall thereupon mail a written copy or summary thereof in an envelope with postage prepaid directly to the accused member at his last known address furnished by him to the society. The accused member shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to enter a written defense to such charges. The matter shall then be referred to the governing board which shall determine the case under such rules and regulations as it may adopt. The governing board may dismiss such charges, or it may censure, suspend or expel the accused member. It may cause the result of its action to be published in the official magazine of the society.

Section 11

Whenever the governing board is informed (through sources deemed by the board to be reliable) that a member has been indicted or otherwise prosecuted for the alleged commission of a criminal offense, the governing board may suspend such member pending the final determination of such proceedings. In the event that the governing board (through sources deemed by the board to be reliable) is informed that a member has pleaded guilty to the commission of a criminal offense or has been judicially convicted of committing a criminal offense, the board may expel such member unless an appeal is pending from the conviction upon which the expulsion was based and the board has been informed thereof.

A member may be suspended or expelled pursuant to this Section 11, whether or nor written charges are brought against him and without compliance with the requirements of the preceding Section 10. The governing board may cause the result of its action to be published in the official magazine of the society.



Section 1

The society shall have a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, editor, legal counsel, immediate past president, convention general chairman, convention bourse chairman and a maximum of ten governors, all of whom shall constitute a governing board. The president, vice-president, immediate past president and governors have the right to vote. The other offices are appointive and non-voting positions. The board appoints the secretary, treasurer, editor, convention general chairman and convention bourse chairman. The president appoints the legal counsel. A vacancy on the board may be filled by appointment by a majority of the voting board members.

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